Saturday, 21 January 2012

Hati saya tak terbukak untuk mana - mana lelaki

I honestly felt cruel when I refused to have a relationship with this man . He was someone who was very patient with me . He did not give me a feeling that I had gone through before . He was different .

He came to my life giving me strength to face my future with my sad past . He knew how my life is killing me by the memories . He knew how much i adore my ex . He knew i can't move on . He knew i love my ex more than that ignorant lil guy could ever imagine . He knew all about it but yet, he is still smiling and telling me everything's gonna be fine . He's a nice guy indeed . Once i love, i love like never before . But once i left, there's no more turning back .

He's always waiting for me . Calling me every single hour just to tell me he loved me . Texting me saying how much he missed me . Even i'm not always there to reply him,he will still do it without feeling tired ,he knew i'm about to forget my ex and he believe i could do it while me myself am not sure if i could . My ex is really somebody to me . How do i live without him ? :(

I Cant remember how many times he'd purposed me and each time of it,i rejected him and i told him i'm still into my ex . I know he's hurting but he have to know one thing . I'm hurting too . As much as he's hurt i can't love him,it's the same way how i feel when my ex can't love me too . i'm freaking understand how it feels like . But he's still there for me . Telling me to always be safe . Take care of my heart and there's someone watching me . I feel glad i met this guy . when i'd already moved on and forget my ex .

MAAF tak boleh tipu diri sendiri :(
Bella masih sayang xbf bella .
jangan tunggu bella oke .


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